Closely related to meditation, visualization is the ability to re-create within the mind's eye that which is found in the physical world.  Being able to accurately visualize something -- an object, a situation, a person -- is a key element in a Witch's ability to do magick.  Everyone can visualize, but some (most!) need to strengthen their visualization abilities in order to gain the magickal effects they are attempting to create.

Visualization is the most basic and yet advanced technique called for in witchcraft. The art of using our brains to "see" what is not physically present is a powerful magical tool used in many rituals. For example, creating the sacred magic circle relies in part on the witch’s ability to visualize personal power flowing out to form a sphere of glowing light around the ritual area. The visualization directs the power that actually creates the circle.

Fortunately, nearly all of us already possess this ability. It may not be fine-tuned, but practice makes perfect.

Can you, at this moment, see in your mind your best friend's face, or your least favorite actor? What about the piece of clothing you most often wear, the exterior of your home, your car, or your bathroom? That is visualization.

In magic, we might raise energy while holding an image in my mind of something we need- a new car, for example. We visualize the car, see our self signing the contract to buy it, driving it on the road, pumping gas into its tank and making payments. When we direct energy to empower our visualization we bring the desire into manifestation as a reality. In other words, visualization "programs" the power. It is a form of mental sympathetic magic. Instead of creating a physical image, we create pictures in our heads.
Thoughts are definitely things. Our thoughts affect the quality of our lives. If we constantly moan about being broke, we are empowering our poverty. By spending fifteen minutes each day visualizing money in our lives, that fifteen minutes of energy will provide active programming of prosperity. Our thoughts must be in order and in line with our desires and needs.

Entering the "crack between worlds" or the rent in the inner veil, the world of spirits is an archetypal surprise. But remember it is a dream which you can change if the direction it takes is not one you enjoy.  (For more information, see our Dream page.)

Visualization is a skill which you can spend a lifetime mastering.  It can be very difficult at first, but you will be able to eat an apple that exists only in your mind -- and not feel hungry afterwards!


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