What are healers?
Healers are people who act as catalysts to connect people to their own ability to make themselves whole, and healthy. Many tools are used to heal -- acoustics, colors, herbs, and energy are just a few.  The healer has no power other than that ability to connect and channel some of the things that we all need to heal ourselves augmented by information and skills gained in study and practice.

What is healing?
Healing is not a passive process; the first thing one needs do is want to be well, and wellness is not only physical health but is spiritual, emotional, and mental. Everyone can benefit from and enjoy energy work, meditation and other spiritual healing, the benefits extend far beyond just health improvement.

Witches heal – it’s a part of our basic composition.  Whether we heal the Earth, animals, people, spirits or other unseen living creatures, matters not. Whether we heal long distance or with hands on touch, using Reiki or Shiatsu or herbs, we heal.

We have gathered several articles and information on healing as a jumping off point for you. Where you go is your journey, may this page act as a guidepost for you.

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