Energy is everywhere. It surrounds us daily. And yet, many of us don't even think about the energy we use in our lives daily, in magical workings and in simple, mundane tasks. When you settle in to do a ritual or to work a spell, do you simply say the words and expect something to happen? I hope not. More than likely you concentrate on the words you are saying and you envision the desired result of your working, all the while pouring energy into the spell. It is that energy that the magic is made of.  Without that energy your words have no direction, no power behind them, so to speak. Everything you do, magically intended or not, is full of energy. Just the simple act of moving requires energy.

When you speak about something you love passionately, then there is an amazing amount of energy behind those words.  The same goes for when you are discussing something that makes you angry. It's a lot like the saying, "You could cut the tension with a knife."  That tension is energy from the situation that people put out, knowingly and otherwise.

This energy that we expend daily is something that we can tune into and use. You can take that energy you feel inside you and gather it up and push it through you into whatever you are trying to do.  Whether that be putting the energy into a spell, healing someone or giving the energy to another person.

After practicing and working with it, it will come to you much faster and will be a second nature. Everyone, especially those who work with energy on a frequent basis, is often more prone to other people's energy attaching it them. Everyone, whether they realize it or not, radiates some kind of energy. Some people give off very positive energy. Others give off more depressing or depressing energy. People are very susceptible to picking up another's energy and having it affect they way that they feel or the things that they do.

There is a way to prevent the rubbing off of energy and to keep your energy from leaking to another. This process is called shielding. Shielding is a very simple technique that is used by many

people. The most simple way of shielding is to take your channeled energy, from either inside yourself or from around you, and form an airtight sphere of light around you. This light can be any color.  Also, instead of using light, some people use plain energy, or picture steel surrounding them, or any other variation you feel you need.  The sphere surrounding you should stop all other energy from hitting you, while at the same time keeping your energy from leaking to others.

You are centered when:
 you are balanced and stable.
 you are breathing deeply from your solar plexus.
 you are relaxed, calm, and focused.
 you are aware, internally and externally.
 you are feeling your emotions - and learning from them without letting
 them control you.
 you are compassionate and connected to others and to your environment.
 you are appreciative of yourself and others.
 you are able to receive and give sincere acknowledgment.
 you are energized by purpose.
 you are greater than your challenges.
 you are unattached to the outcome of a situation.
 you are having fun and laughing often.

~from Maat's Book of Shadows

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