Wednesday, May 22, 2024

    Fill your head full of water./  Have the water spray out of your ears./
    Have it spray out of your nose./  Have it spray out of your eyes./
    Have it spray our of your mouth./  Have the water  go  back  into  your  ears./
    Have  the  water  go  back  into your nose./  Have it go back into your  eyes./
    Have it go back into your mouth./  Have  it  spray  out  of  all  those  places again./
    Have it go in again./  What do you want it to do now?/  All right...
    Have a fire in your stomach./  Have your stomach full of ice./
    Have  it full of hot cereal./  Have it full of water./  Have it full of   nothing./
    Have it full of ice cream./  Have it full of sand./  Have nothing in it  at all./
    Have no stomach./  Have a new stomach./  What do you want to  do  about
    your stomach now?/  All right...
    Have your backbone get hot./  Have it get cold./  Have it get soft./
    Have it get hard./  Have it turn blue./  Have it turn white./
    Have it turn any color you like./  Take it out and throw it away./
    Have a new backbone./  Have it crooked./  Have it straight./
    Take it out./  Tie it in a bow./  Throw it away./  Have a new one./
    Have  it  come  apart  and  fall  on  the floor in pieces./  Have a new  backbone./
    What do you want to do with it now?/  All right...
    Have your skin be cold./  Have it be hot./  Have it turn blue./
    Have it turn green./  Have it turn to wood./  Have it get furry./
    Have it grow scales like a fish./  Have it grow feathers like a bird./
    Have it get smooth./  Have it be beautiful./  Have it get sores all over the place./
    Have it be smooth again./  Have it feel good./  Have it itch./
    Have it burning with fire all over./  Have it all burn up./  have a new skin./
    Have  it soft and smooth./  Have it tough as leather./  Have it hard as a rock./
    Have it soft and smooth./  How do you want it now?/  All right...

~from Maat's Book of Shadows