Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Guess this time is as good as any to "throw in" my two cents ...

As a long-time reader of the Tarot who considers herself to be extremely accurate when divining for others, I must say that I believe the Tarot (or other "legitimate" divinatory methods) are but "roadmaps" showing the directions and their ultimate destinations.  It is important for us to realize that there can be many roads to the same destination, as well ... but that each has both its negative and positive points.

When reading for someone, it has been my experience, that the person seeking the reading is often at a "fork in the road" ... they need (and want) to know what lies on the road(s) ahead, so that they can know which direction to take.

I do not say "This WILL happen."  Instead, I tell my querent if you do this, THIS will happen.  If you do THIS, on the other hand, THIS will happen."  And, more often than not, I will use my personal experiences, triggered by images within the cards, to help guide and direct.

Contemplation is nothing more than this:  considering the avenues one might take on their journey, and coming to a decision as to the right one given the surrounding influences.

So, you may ask:  how do I KNOW where the person has been, and what s/he might need to know about their particular journey in order to choose the best possible course for the future?  THAT is where, to me, the true divination takes place.  In the few minutes prior to the reading, and within the first few cards, I see floods of images and experience emotional highs and lows that begin to "gel" and come together - like a jigsaw puzzle - as the reading progresses.  When the picture is complete, I can tell you quite a bit about where the person has been and what questions they have about their sojourn <G> ...

Lady Mystara
used with permission