Wednesday, May 22, 2024

I used to do card readings for a living so I would regularly clean my deck using basically a modified ritual for preparing crystals or other objects before charging them. A good grounding spell or rituals works well to, it seems to release the stored energy. If the energy was built up after a ESP fair or my deck handled by some one with  disturbing energy I would ground the deck and recharge it over the full moon. Sometimes this meant switching decks but grounding always seemed to help.

Any object used for craft work will store energy like a battery. I would focus on the energy and send it into the Earth to be cleansed, then draw fresh vital power from the Elements. A lot like charging a charm. I can't honestly give the exact rituals used because it was never the same and made up from different elements.

Check through your spell collection and find one that has worked for cleansing other things and give it try. Spells and rituals should always be open to change and growth. They share many elements in common so they are readily adaptable to what ever you need. Good luck...and blessings on your readings.

Loads of love and light
.....Diana M.
(used with permission)