Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Take two packets of FIMO (colors of your choice).

Knead the packets until they are soft and pliable.  At this point you can use the same color or you can choose an inner and outer color.

Roll the inner color into a log and then roll the outer color flat  to the thickness of your choice.  Place the inner color on the thinner flat outer color and
roll the outer cover over the log.  Seal the edges and then press the log so that the outer edges are slightly squared.

If you are going with one color, then roll into a log and press (I used a rolling pin) so that the edges are slightly squared. 

Cut them with a wire about a 1/4" thick.  Mark each one with the rune symbol using a skewer or flat piece of plastic and bake them in the oven at 265* for 20 minutes...they will still seem soft.  The harden as they cool.

After they are cool you can paint them with craft paint (I used black and then gold in the grooves to highlight the symbol).  Then I sprayed  them with craft sealer which gives them a sheen...That's all there is to it!!!

Blessings and Love
used with permission