Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Set in front of you a plant, a crystal and a low vibration stone...such as one from a creek bed.  Sit in a quiet room calming your mind.  Allow your mind to flow freely, clearing itself.  Rub your hands together, hold them about 5 inches apart.  Feel the energy flowing down your arms being held between your hands.  Practice "pushing" the energy to about 1 in, then making it "grow"...see how far you can bring your hands away from each other before you can no longer feel the energy.  Play with this for a few minutes.  Notice how you sense the energy.  Cold or hot?  Tingling or pin pricks?  A humming or throbbing?  Whatever your sensation...allow your mind to become accustomed to the feeling.

When you are ready place your hands around the plant, about 1 inch from it.  Some use only their receptive hand (the non writing hand) while others use both.  It is best to use both in the beginning to see which is actually the receptive hand.  Some people are energy ambidextrous, using both hands equally to sense energy.

Place your hands around the plant first...letting the energy flow from it to your hands.  Notice the feeling from it.  Don't be upset if you feel nothing.  This exercise may take several attempts.  It's is best to close your eyes while doing this. 

Shutting down your visual perception aids opening of the others.  Give yourself a few minutes to feel the plant.

When you have done this, break contact with the plant gently.  Plants get used to the energy we give them...and you are giving it energy as well as sensing it's energy...It is shocking to immediately break the flow of energy, whether it is person, plant or animal.  Shake your hands to clear them...visualizing the energy of the plant shaking off of your hands like water.

Then place the crystal in the palm of your hand, with the other hand over it, not quite touching it.  Do the same as you did with the plant.  Notice the energy flowing from the crystal.  Especially notice the DIFFERENCE of energy between them. 

When you have done this for a few minutes, place the crystal down.  Shake your hands again as with the plant.

Then pick up the low vibration stone.  Do the same as with the crystal...Again pay attention to the DIFFERENCE of the energy. Crystals are very high vibration...a stone form a creek bed etc is low...Some cannot feel anything at all from low vibration stones especially in the beginning.  When you have done this...again shake your hands to rid them of the energy.

When you have finished...wash your hands in salt and cold water.  The salt is cleansing.  The cold water desensitizes them.  Some people have a very hard time "turning off" the flow of energy.  If you cannot make your hands "shut down"...repeat the salt and cold water...making sure you visualize the energy turning off"...closing your hands into fists.

***Note from Jae:  You can also, simply ground the energy to the Earth, as in, "plant it" as one of our young ones taught me <smile> or "space it" as other young people have been saying to denote sending it out to the Universe. ***
Do this exercise every night until you feel the difference of the stones and plants.  Keep notes from the first exercise to document your awareness level over time.

~author unknown