a piece of black, dark blue, or dark grey cloth (approx. 8x8 inches)
orange peel
rose petals
chamomile (optional)
marjoram (optional)
batting or some other material to stuff the sachet with

Sew the cloth together to form a bag, leave one end open.  Turn right side out and add the herbs and stuffing.

Add one part of every herb save mugwort and rosemary, add 1/2 part of these last two herbs.  Add the stuffing and mix together to distribute the items.

Sew the opening closed

Charge for sleep and dreams.

Place under pillow or inside the pillowcase.

The properties of the herbs:
    orange peel: divination
    lavender: protection, sleep, peace
    rose petals: psychic powers
    cloves: protection
    mugwort: prophetic dreams, astral protection
    rosemary: mental powers, sleep
    chamomile: sleep, purification
    marjoram: protection, health
from Maat's Book of Shadows