Greetings  from the mineral world!

In this article, I want to introduce you to the world of gemstones and metals used for adornment and healing since pre-history.  Just as a guitar string will sympathetically vibrate when a tuning fork is held next to it, so does our body field become affected by crystalline structures held within its boundaries.  Many of us have heard of the old crystal diode radio that operated without batteries, picking up radio signals through "sympathetic response" alone.  Our bodies react similarly.

As far as metals go, I'm sure you're aware of the popularity of gold throughout the centuries as a symbol of power and wealth. In its pure form (24k) it can be drawn out in a strand as thin as a human hair that could stretch for hundreds of feet without breaking; it conducts electricity without corrosion; and it has been used to color glass ruby red.
Copper has been known for years as a healing metal, lately for arthritic ailments.  It is believed to have been first discovered through the melting of copper containing ore such as malachite, a beautiful green gemstone.
Silver could be considered a moon metal in balance to gold as a sun metal.  It is a "cool" metal and works well with balancing, peaceful stones (i.e. the turquoise and silver jewelry of the Southwest).
Platinum, considered by some to be the highest power metal above gold, silver and copper in that order, is a relatively new metal in that it has been worn only recently in comparison to gold or silver.
Stones worn on different body areas alter the effects more precisely.  Accepting that the left side of the body is receiving and the right side sending, it is worth while to decide what responses you desire from each stone you choose to wear before you have the adornment made.  Here is a simple chart giving these reactions:
LEFT HAND                             RIGHT HAND
Index...Direction                      Index....Action
Middle..Creative inspiration         Middle...Creativity
Third...Creative impulse             Third....Creative manifestation
Little..Change                          Little...Change/Fortune

The thumbs have been left out, since they relate to a person's free will.  Rings worn there could thus have a detrimental influence.  Necklaces affect the personality, earrings discernment and perception.  Bracelets affect your freedom of choice, thus gems of tranquility and protection should be worn on the wrists.  Belt buckles affect the wearer's vital forces; turquoise, for instance, is a relaxing, balancing stone whereas carnelian (a translucent reddish stone) promotes protection and endurance.  Generally, colors of stones can be categorized into certain influences:

Yellow- action & openness
Orange- energy control, balance
Red- physical balance
Violet- protection and spiritual attunement
White- thought & idea creation, inspiration
Blue- mind power
Green- healing, harmonic

The darker stones were not as popular for amulets and talismans.

Next time, I'll go into detail about some specific stones and their ancient/modern uses.  Meanwhile, enjoy the jewelry you wear now as a modern representative of power and adornment.
If you have any specific questions, write to me c/o RMPJ.
William Gray
Anjevine Ltd.
Denver, CO.
........from R.M.P.J. 8/86

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