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"What would you be if you could be a gemstone?  This may seem to be an unusual question at first. Think about it for a moment.  The answer is bound to tell you something about yourself. Most of us have played the game, "If I could be a color, I would be a _____", or "If I could be an animal, I would be a ____."

These behavior modification associations can always help identify some of your personal qualities and strong characteristics. A gemstone identity association will do the same thing, for like you, a gem has specific identities.
Once you've decided what gemstone you are, it will be fun to ask the same question of your spouse, close friends, even your boss, or any person that has an influence in your life. You may discover characteristics of that person. You can also recognize areas in which you and your associate could use positive reinforcement. You'll get "surefire" gift ideas for family and friends.

Try experimenting with carrying your identity stone to strengthen your personality and to reflect your wealth and value of yourself.

Below are listed 22 stones for your personal identity, followed by a personality description of the individual stone. By noting a new choice, you may even become more aware of changes in your outlook. Like a gemstone, be more open to light and yourself. Pick from the list below first, and then look up your preferred stone on the pages that follow.
Lapis Lazuli
Petrified Wood
Rose Quartz
Tiger's Eye

not available:

Here's the explanations of the various stone personalities:

You are many colors, in fact, almost any color. You give people security and you protect them.  You are energetic. As an agate personality,  you are able to work well with the earth, for you are a good organizer, simplistic and stable.  You like to have rainbows around you because you are very communicative. You are able to talk to most people.  Wear multi-colored agates for additional strength to carry out your goals.  Your complement is Lapis Lazuli.  Lapis stimulates your intellect.  It brings wisdom to your organizational energies.

As an amber, you identify with life and growing life forms.  You are golden in color or ruby red.  You have a very warm, sensitive nature, and  in turn, you make a strong protector for other sensitive people. You love nature.  You are loving and down to earth, although your personality is not as secure as an agate personality.  Your complement is a Crystal.  A crystal reflects all light and will introduce you to new ways of doing things.  It can help you to become more open to your body needs, and in turn, more physically healthy.

An amethyst person is very spiritual and thoughtful.  You look for higher values, rather than for practical things.  You are a regal, purple color. You are intuitive and sensitive as well as spiritual.  As an amethyst, you help others to get in touch with their faith.  Sometimes it is hard to tell you what to do,  for you know already what you want.  Your complement is an Agate.  Agates will bring you down to earth.

You are a pale crystalline blue. As an aquamarine, you are fluid, imaginative, and fanciful.  At times, you are  a little self-focused, but you are good for people who are too heavy, too strong, or too forceful.  You are the water, you can soothe, protect, and calm. Your complement is Topaz.  Topaz represents the sun and can influence your water temperature and motivation.

You reflect all light.  You are every color of the rainbow all at the same time.  Because of this, you can relate to all peoples.  You are able to energize and yet to balance and control all forms of energy.  As a crystal, you are a natural healer and humanitarian.  Your focus, or sun energy, can be directed in any manner you choose.   Your complement is Petrified wood.  Petrified wood can help replenish your drained energy since you never know when to stop.

You have chosen the flashiest, and the hardest, of all stones with which to identify.  You are sometimes a person who carries your bankbook in your pocket.  At other times, you're not always thoughtful or sensitive to others, as much as you are to your own self.  You like grandeur, richness, and material power.  When directed by light, you have a strong sense of inner security and purpose.  You sparkle like no other gem.  Your complement is a Pearl.  A pearl can add soft earthiness to your diamond hardness.

You, the blue-green emerald, are insightful and universally oriented.  You are always looking for the higher and lower, the left and the right, future and past, combined as one.  You are a regal green crystal.  You like to see far and wide.  You stimulate all forms of creativity, even your own creative expressions, and are a source of strength to the arts. Your complement is Opal.  Because you analyze clearly, an opal can help you act compassionately upon what you see.

You are usually a deep red color that sociably combines with most other gems.  As a garnet personality you are considerate and sensitive to what is going on outside yourself. You like to help others become more flexible and caring.  You are solid in inner security, therefore you are supportive to the needy.  Because of your ability to communicate well, you can mix and match with all types of personalities.   You are everyone's friend.  Your complement is Turquoise.  The blue-green turquoise calms your emotions  and mind. It will always soothe you.

You are extremely flexible.  You appear in a variety of colors, from pink to hunter green.  You are elegant, and you like the life that happens at night.  Because you are practical, you make good business deals.  Some people call you a healer, some call you a dealer.  As a dealer, you can see  clearly into most situations. This ability helps you make wise business decisions.  Your complement is a Carnelian. A carnelian adds a little security to your  flexibility.  It will also provide you with more focused goals.

You are very confident and self-assured.  Jet is a favorite stone of Witches as it reflects the unconscious mind accurately.  You are a deep one, quiet and unassuming, with the ability to understand and soothe other's pain or depression. You represent a quiet place for others to find haven.  You are financially secure.  Your compliment is Crystal.  Crystal's lighter aspects balance you perfectly.

LAPIS LAZULI:  You are a beautiful royal blue gem.  As a lapis  lazuli you represent universal wisdom.  You like to make decisions that are good for people.  You have good executive qualities as long as you do not have too many fixed ideas.  You are a natural politician and leader.  You like your mind to be stimulated rather than your emotions, but you need to be wise about your own needs.  Your complement is a blue lace Agate.  This light blue stone will help you relax your heavy mind.

As a malachite personality, you have a very strong and forceful image.  You are usually bright Kelly green in color with designs of stripes and circles.  Your protection always surrounds sensitive people, as well as those who are less fortunate than you. You are good at interpretation or synthesis. You get right to the point.  You see correctly.  You occasionally have the habit of putting it "out there," for you like to speak your mind.  Your complement is Ivory.  This white organic stone will serve to recharge your physical batteries.

You love being a moonstone because you are a fluid, beautiful white or pink hued stone.  You are the color of the  moon;  you attract water.  Your heart and your emotions are your strength, as you stimulate love for yourself, and for others.  You are love.  You may find that your weakness is not knowing when to turn a deaf ear to your emotionally draining friends.  Your complement is a Lapis lazuli.  The blue lapis will put your heart in touch with your mind, and will help you to be wise.

Because you are a combination of the moonstone and the crystal, you reflect all light from the sun and from the rainbow.  Yet you have the gentle- ness of the moonstone. You are a humanitarian and patron.  You do not  mix well with people who are not of like mind, especially pessimists.  You like to be positive in life.  You like to shine your light.  Your complement is a Peridot. This olive green gem will protect your gentleness and sensitivity.

You are feminine, sensitive, cherishing, loving, sometimes too bashful.  You are very securing and supportive, therefore the people around you identify you as the universal Mother or Nurturer.  You can be pink, blue, or creamy with pink and blue clusters.  You always are a lady.  You always say the right thing.  Men give you as a gift to express their love.  Your complement is Jade. This green outgoing stone will help you think before you give, and will make you more assertive and practical.

You are very secure -- an old tree turned to stone.  You help people to find direction.  They see you as a rock of security, or strength.  You are very hard.  A lot of executives identify with your "lean upon me" properties.  Your color ranges from rust to yellow, to all shades of brown.  You are earth, a part of earth to identify with and recognize its history.  Your complement is an
Aquamarine.  This blue crystalline gem will make you a little more imaginative, a little more creative, and more fanciful in your life.

Rose Quartz is a pink stone of gentle love.  You are a happy person, peaceful and calm when in a stable relationship.  Calm in the face of adversity, you are generally seen as 'happy-go-lucky' by others.  You can deny the darker aspects of life as you focus on the positive. Jet is your compliment as its asks you to examine the darker aspects of the psyche and will ground you a bit.

A ruby personality is a rich, rich red;  the color of strawberries or the color of wine.  You have the wisdom of the King, and the beauty of the Queen of Gems.   Your heart and mind are well balanced.  These traits make you enjoy a position of authority where you can use your mind, your heart, and your body in your work.  You like to be beautiful.  Your complement is an Emerald.  The perfect mate for a ruby, it stimulates your insight for good leadership.

A sapphire's personality has a high mission.  Your color is a royal blue.  Sometimes you are so dark, you are called indigo; sometimes so light, you are called cornflower blue. You can be a star or a crystal.  Being very wise, you are a good judge of character.  People respect you for your mind and your wisdom.  But you are not always sensitive to the needs of your own heart.  Yet, you are a gem who knows that you have a destiny.  Your complements are opal or moonstone. Either one of these gems expands  your awareness to your own sensitivities.

As a tiger's eye, you can see everything.  You are emotional and sensitive as well as insightful.  You understand how things fit together in their proper order.  From working a puzzle, to organizing a business, you are a good problem solver.  Being a rich brown color, you always bring everything down to earth to be understood.  Your complement is a Pearl.  This gem will add softness and sensitivity to your visionary strength.

You, the topaz, are crystalline energy.  Most often you are the color of and shine like the sun, but you can also be pink or blue, like the sunset.  You are warm and loving, and people seek you out for your abilities as a natural communicator.   Sometimes, though, you talk without thinking, for you always like to be heard.  You like to give energy to others. Your complement is an Amethyst. This purple gem can add spiritual insight to your communications.

You are a beautiful blue stone, yet you can range from green to the palest sky blue.  You are lucky in love and fortune.  You have the ability to relax your mind in order to see more clearly.  You are a good trader as you are sensitive to a good bargain.  When in love, you show your colors.  Your complements are shells.  Any Seashell will help to support you physically when you run out of energy.
~Stone information from "Stone Power" by Dorothee L. Mella and from Maat's Book of Shadows