Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Feathers you find, point to influencing factors in your immediate future.

Following is a list of feather colors and divination meanings for your reference.

Black   - Misfortune, bad luck, transformation, death (not rec)
Black And Purple - Hope, Balance.
Black and White  - Beware, take care! Protection
Blue    - Love, kinship, a gift
Blue and White  - A new love and/or partnership
Brown   - Health, mastering elements, stability, grounding, home
Brown and White  - Health and happiness
Gray    - Peace of mind, tranquility, meditation
Gray and White  - Out with the old, on with the new, Hope, Balance
Green   - Growth, adventure, new projects, prosperity, fertility
Green And Red -Finances.
Orange   - Happiness, Opportunities, healing, attraction, success
Purple   - A journey or trip, nobility, balance
Red    - Reward, good luck, fortunate opportunity, courage
Red/Brown   - Healing Animals
Rose    - A love affair, romance, heart's desire
Speckled/Spotted - Divine guidance, star wisdom
White   - Pureness, gladness, joy, a birth
Yellow and Green  - Gossip, back stabbing, lies, and small talk
Yellow/Gold  - Friendship, companionship, fellowship, Sun Blessings

~from Maat's Book of Shadows