(Maat's Note:  your color meanings may be different.  Use your intuition.)

Strength, anger, tenacity, passion, sensuality, vitality, raw energy & willpower.  Dark red may symbolize one who has a quick temper and is nervous or impulsive. All red relates to nervous tendencies.

(alt) Often seen in athletes and in young children. Denotes an inner vitality and is usually indicative of good health.  These people enjoy lots of social interaction and have a very strong sex drive.  Deep reds can indicate touchy tempers, and paler reds have more in common with pink. Professional dancers are frequently surrounded by red auras.

Warmth, maternal feelings, thoughtfulness, a very emotional person & creativity.  The muddier shades may indicate pride or vanity, while golden orange denotes self-control.

(alt) Individuals with orange auras are very outgoing, but often have  knee-jerk reactions to stimuli, both positive and negative. These people are generaly healthy, but orange can can indicate the need to reduce stress.  Darker orange indicates someone living under extreme pressure, an overly aggressive personality, or too much time in the public eye.  Politicians are usually surrounded by dark orange.

Mental activity, wisdom, personality power, happiness, good cheer, optimism.  A golden yellow means that the person takes care of him/herself or a highly advanced individual with psychic abilities - an adept.  Darker yellows may represent shyness.

(alt) Yellow is the color of the intellect and is often seen around teachers and serious students.  The deeper the yellow, the deeper the intellect.  Paler yellow indicates less creativity, a deeper yellow indicates more.  Yellow auras frequently surround writers and journalists.  Deep yellow bordering on orange indicates someone who uses his or her intellect to hurt and cheat others.

Sympathy, empathy, spirituality, love, affinity with nature, a natural healer, and calm.  May signify that the person is a healer or very good at the healing arts and is very reliable.  Dark shades of green can indicate one who is jealous or has many uncertainties.

(alt) Green indicates a loving and trusting nature.It is the color of people who prefer their home life to any other, and is often seen around happy parents.  Green is also seen around artists.  Lighter greens can indicate an over inflated ego, and deeper greens can indicate the deceitful nature of a good con-artist.  Not surprisingly nature lovers also have a  lot of green in their aura.

Quiet, highly spiritual, religious, natural teacher, healer and calm. Any shade of blue in the aura is good to have.  Deep blue in an aura shows one who has found his/her work and or destiny in life.  Blue may also represent a tendency to be moody and depressed.

(alt) Blue is the color of the natural healer and is often seen around herbalists and the better doctors. people with blue auras are usually extremely concerned for the welfare of others and are often found in jobs and activities that aid other people. Paler blues are indicative of deeply spiritual persons or ones who are musically gifted.  Deeper blues indicate individuals with psychic gifts or those deeply into natural magick.  Blue shafts of light are often seen rising from the heads of creative personalities.

One who is seeking something in life.  Signifies psychic, clairvoyance, religious, teacher and healer. Dark shades may indicate that the person has obstacles to overcome and is feeling misunderstood.  Commonly a color of great sexual frustration.

(alt) Violet is a color rarely seen in an aura, and is indicative of the sort of person we would all like to be.  These people have a profound understanding of spiritual matters, are deeply empathetic, and have well-intergrated personalities- combining the best of all worlds and states of being.  Some new age thinkers believe those with violet auras are not on Earth to work out their own Karmic agenda, but to aid the rest of us in achieving their advanced state of mind-spirit.

Protection.  May reflect a person who's hiding something.  It may indicate mental imbalances as well.

(alt) This is another rarely seen aura, and that is good for all of us.  Black indicates just what one would think it does- an evil, sick personality devoid of human warmth. This color is often seen in sociopathic personalities, or localy around regions of the body where life-threatening illnesses are centered.

This could reflect a person who is very "earthy" or that a person is establishing new roots, or even one who is very centered with themselves and their surroundings.

(alt) Brown can indicate an obsessive-compulsive personality, or it can surround someone who is currently in a misserable or frightening situation.  It usually means the person has given up trying to fight their problem and has slipped dangerously into a depression that requires medical intervention.  Large brown auras are usually temporary. In small patches it can mean teh beginning of an illness affecting that region of the body.

Love and deep friendship.  It represents compassion, and possibly a love of beauty.  Darker or muddier shades of pink may point to immaturity.

(alt) A pink aura indicates a very romantic nature- people who are generaly at peace with themselves and enjoy their lives.  Pinks have a strong sence of justice and are grossly offended by violence and bigotry.  They should be cautioned about giving too much of themselves to others as they tend to allow themselves to be martyrs for those they care about.  This color is often seen around the heart centers of young lovers.

Usually this is one of the first colors you will see in an aura. However, when it is the stronger color of the aura, it reflects purity and truth.

(alt) Be careful when you see a white aura that you are not merely seeing the misty shadow of the auric field itself.  White is a rare color in an aura, and is similar to violet in its properties.  Persons with white auras are also very idealistic and often seem dreamy and disconnected to the everyday world.

Indigo is the color of the highly clairvoyant. Those with indigo are usually gifted in magick and are often very spiritual, though they must guard against becoming too self absorbed.  This color lower on the body indicates a need to change ones outlook on life.

This color is indicative of a person who is encased by his or her own negative emotions.  This person often displays petulant behavior of a child, and is someone who is usually searching for the pot of the gold at the end of the rainbow while ignoring the joys and pleasures at hand.

This color surrounds sedentary people - not necessarily people who are bad- just a little lazy. These people need daily exercise which will usually turn their auras to a blue or green.  This color can also indicate individuals who spend too much time in meditation or metaphysical pursuits at the expense of their physical lives.

Peach is another rare color, one which indicates a person with lots of  compassion, understanding, and the ability to sacrifice for the needs of others, but not in the martyr like way.

Lavender auras are usually found around those who lead a double life.  They live one way while wanting to live another, or hey are dishonest with their dealings with their family and friends. Lavenders are usually not malicious, but are nearly always unfocused and may have an underlying problem such as alcoholism.

This color indicates a dreamy person someone very emotional- a thinker rather than a doer. This color can also mean that the person combines traits of both blue and green auras.

This is a less common shade of blue.  It indicates someone with a deeply analytical mind.  Turquoise is insightful and these people make good counselors.  They communicate and are often gifted in one or more fields of study. Brilliant music composers and innovative inventors and scientists often have turquoise in their auras.

People with this aura are usually highly driven toward their personal goals which are often in conflict with their ethics.  This fragmentation causes them frustration and, in large amounts, can indicate the presence of stress-related illness.

Beige indicates mediocrity and a slow intellect. This does not mean that beiges are bad people. They are usually placid and pretty happy, just not overly bright or active.

This aura surrounds a person who is tied to convention, has no aptitude for critical thought, and is often fearful of the world and new ideas and things.  They can be obsessive and dangerous, and become a threat to others.  They usually have vigilante mentalities and are usually quite cowardly despite their blow and bluster.

Silver indicates a person interested in spiritual attainment, though they often only get it in superficial doses.  It is also the color of wisdom, and, when it is seen at all, it is often around elderly persons.

Gold is extremely rare, but when seen, is usually mixed with white, blue, or violet. It indicates a very strong and vibrant personality, one to which others are highly attracted. Gold persons are closest to the highest ideals of violet, blue and white in their make-up, only more strongly felt.  Some new-age thinkers say that a gold aura surrounds those that are not native to this plane of existence.

Gray is a very negative color in an aura. If the color is localized it indicates a serious illness in that part of the body, otherwise it means a negative personality, one who is violent, dangerous, and best avoided.

~ from Maat's Book of Shadows