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The aura, a field of energy that surrounds people and other living things, reflecting the energy of the spirit in that body. Its colors, textures and patterns reveal much information about physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states. An aura is like a thumbprint; it is completely individual and expresses who you really are in all your splendor. A person may have several different colors in the aura, but one color will usually predominate.

A related phenomenon, and some say proof that auras exist is Kirlian photography. If you would like to learn more about it, please see our article "Kirlian and Auras."

Everything in the universe is composed of energy and has an energy field around it. Although generally invisible to the untrained eye, this energy field extends outward from the object and is called the aura, or auric field. In the human, this field of energy is sometimes referred to as the electromagnetic field. Ovoid in shape, it's width and color varies with each individual, theoretically depending on their level of spiritual growth.

Studies indicate that ailments begin to manifest in the auric field long before they become apparent in the physical body. Aura cleansing releases and removes blocked or sluggish negative energy from both the auric field and the physical body. As the auric field is cleanses any denser negative energy in the physical body will be broken up either partially or completely and moved into the auric field, where it can be cleared fairly easily.

The Aura is comprises of seven auric fields. These fields inpenetrate each other and the physical body and exist within three planes.

The Physical Plane
Known to cultures since ancient times, the physical plane is composed of matter vibrating at speeds just above the velocity of light, making it essentially invisible to our everyday senses. This is the piece that healers usually work with, acting as a bridge between the physical and the subtle levels. Within the physical plane are structures known as chakras which allow us to absorb high frequency energies, including Life Force energy, which are then processed at the etheric level before being passed on into the physical body. Here we have the:
o Etheric Body: I am becoming, I exist; Base Chakra, and all physical functions
o Emotional Body: I feel; emotions, Sacral chakra
o Mental body - I think; linear thinking, Solar plexus chakra
(For more on chakras, please see our page on the topic.)

The Astral Plane
This plane appears to project beyond the etheric, in the next higher frequency range. It's vibrations are finer than the etheric which allows us to travel will less limitation by the power of thought within it's realms. At this level, the energies of feelings are processed, which is why it is sometimes known as the emotional body. We all enter the Astral body during sleep state, and here we can travel, receive teaching or instruction from our guides, or experience opportunities to work things through in dreams. Here we have:
o Astral body: I love, I love humanity: Heart chakra, metabolises the energy of love
The Spiritual Plane
On a higher frequency than the Astral, the mental bodies process a range of mental energies, including creative and intuitive thought. Here we have the:
o Etheric template/physical aspect: I Will; higher will, power of word; Throat charka
o Emotional template/emotional aspect: I love universally, celestial love, protection & nurturing; Third eye chakra
o Ketheric template/mental aspect: I know I am, our higher mind, integration of spiritual & physical; Crown chakra

Healing and the Aura

This energetic structure of the aura contains information about the current state of a person's body, mind, emotions and state of spiritual development. It also contains a record of every experience undergone by the soul. This is one reason why the aura is so important in healing. The energy field is tangible, and can be felt from one to three or more feet out from the physical body. Depending upon a person's energy level, and spiritual development, the aura can extend over 50 feet outward from the body. (One reason why charismatic people can change the energy of a room just by stepping through the door.)

The aura can be detected in many ways, including through the naked eye, by feeling the energy shifts, thermography (color image of heat patterns), aura readings, kirlian photography, dowsing, and pendulum measurement.

The average person choosing to undertake healing work will generally only have access to dowsing rods, a pendulum, their hands, and their intuitive abilities. There is no question that a person proficient in the use of any of these methods can use them with great accuracy and to great benefit. They are tools that can be drawn on to test the energy level in individual chakras, to test the energy layers, and to detect where blockages may be occurring.  To learn to see auras, please read our article "Seeing Auras."

As your intuition develops, you will come to rely less on the use of physical tools. As your ability to sense or see energy increases, you will simply "know" where the blockages or distortions in the aura are. The aura can develop breaks, holes, tears, and areas of dark or stagnant energy. It can become clogged with negative or discordant energies that we pick up in our daily living. Traumas, emotional, physical, mental, psychic or spiritual, can create rips or holes in our auras. It is important to cleanse or smooth the aura or do whatever repair work you can after you have healed. To learn how to do this, please see our articles on "Aura Brushing" and "Aura Sealing."

A healthy body emits a specific color pattern. Where there is an illness, disease, or a blockage, discoloration or distortions in the healthy color patterns can be detected. The aura is filled with colors that are constantly changing according to our moods and well being. The colors closest to the physical body are the densest, gradually becoming more ethereal as they move towards the outer edges of the aura. The luminosity of the colors again depends upon how advanced the soul is. See our article "Aura Colors and their Meanings" for more information.

Other Information About Auras

The aura is a natural phenomenon, and children with no training in structured viewing procedures often report seeing it. But as we mature, our spontaneous viewing capacities can become suppressed and eventually submerged into the subconscious.  It is conceivable, however, that we continue to see the aura and respond to it at subconscious levels throughout our lives.

Since the aura is a dynamic, developmental system that is constantly evolving, it's unique structure and basic framework is typically stable but will reflect changes in coloration, expansion, intensity and frequency, depending on environmental and health factors.

This is because the aura is sensitive to the totality of our inner and outer environment.  Mental, physical, and spiritual factors constantly interact to influence the aura. Personality traits, health status, personal interactions, social factors, emotional states, and surrounding conditions can have an immediate and critical effect on the aura.  For example, negative mental states such as anxiety, hostility and frustration assert a wear-and-tear effect on the body and drain the aura system of its energy. Likewise, low self-esteem, a poor self-concept, and negative social interactions can enfeeble the aura and seriously deplete its energy supply. Environmental pollutants and certain drug substances can also temporarily discolor and constrict the aura.

A truly wonderful (and fairly short) article about the aura is "Aura: The Extended Body" by an unknown author.
A very good collection of information can be found online at: http://www.sophiaswisdom.com/aura.shtml

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