Wednesday, December 06, 2023

This spread is a variation on the Celtic Cross

           8           9
        5      1,2,3      7      
          11           10        

(1 is underneath, covered by but still slightly showing, 2 on top of 3)

1. Significator, frames the question, questioner and answer.

2. Atmosphere/ Covering Card.   Atmosphere in which the question exists and the answer should be interpreted.  This is an internal atmosphere.

3. Crossing  Addresses the obstacles one will meet.

4. Beneath.  The foundation.

5. Behind.  What has passed, or often what forces/circumstances currently influence the question.  Immediate past or Present.

6. Possible future. This one is less definite than 7, further away, more of a big picture card.

7. Immediate future.

8.  Self Concept  This is the card that represents You in the question, and how you have framed and visioned it.
9. Hopes and/or Fears.  This one gives a lot of insight, especially when it encompasses both hopes and fears.

10. Environment.  Speaks more to external forces than (2) Atmosphere.
11. X Card.  Can be EITHER  a card specifically addressing outcome, an indicator of how the others should be read as a Whole OR something that you have not yet considered, a new direction. (Card 11 is why I like this layout, as well as the wheel significance).

~from Maat's book of Shadows