Crystals are formed when water combines with an element under certain conditions of pressure, temperature and energy. When conditions are right, water will cause the element to grow as a crystal. Silicon, as sand combines with water to become silicon dioxide, forms a quartz crystal. Quartz possesses an unusual property (power) known as as the piezoelectricity effect.

Quartz amplifies, transforms, stores, focuses and transfers energy. A tiny slice of quartz in a microcircuit increases an electrical signal - this enables the function of microphones, loudspeakers etc.

Quartz transforms energy - if squeezed, it generates electricity. When an electrical current is sent through it, it swells. An alternating current causes it to alternatively swell and shrink. Done fast enough, this is called oscillation. When cut in precise shapes, quartz vibrates at precise rates and transform electricity into waves which can be broadcast, as in the radio and television signals. Quartz changes solar energy into electricity in devices called "Photovoltaic cells".

Energy can be stored in quartz. A tiny slice of quartz in a microcircuit stores large amounts of data in the 'memory' of a computer. It is used to transmit information within computers. Its ability to vibrate at precise rates is used in the creation of extremely accurate timepieces. The quartz watch is now a popular, accurate timepiece.

Quartz focuses energy. In lasers, crystals allow us to measure the distance to the moon in seconds, cut through steel or enable delicate eye surgery to be performed.

The effect of Crystals on mental energy is as dramatic as its effects on physical energy.

Amplify: Not only do crystals amplify body energy, but thoughts as well. They create power and clarity in thinking.

Transform: Fill two cups with water from a tap. Place one cup on a clear quartz crystal cluster about six inches in diameter. Place the other cup at least ten feet away. Leave for 24 hours. Taste the water in each cup. The energy of the crystals will transform the molecular composition of the water.

Store: We can charge a crystal with energy and the crystal will store that energy for later use. Many people believe that information can be stored in a crystal, although it has not yet been proven. Work is being carried out on experiments for recording and recovering thought forms stored in crystals.

Focus: With our thoughts we can focus energy where we desire. With the crystal, we can use this ability for healing.

Caring for your Crystal

When first obtaining a crystal, it should be cleansed...The life field of a human is the strongest of all life fields. When another person touches your crystal, he leaves his own life field energy imprinted on the life field of the crystal.

To avoid this, the crystal should be cleansed to remove the imprinted energy. This can be done by covering the crystal with sea salt for 2-7 days. If you prefer, you may submerge your crystal in a salt water solution of one half pound of sea salt to one gallon of water for the same period of time. Less recommended methods would be to pass the crystal over the south pole of a large magnet to demagnetise it, or to submerge it in a solution of 4 tablespoons of baking soda in a gallon of water. All these should be for a maximum of 7 days.

Activating your Personal Crystal

A crystal can be activated in several ways. By 'activate' we mean to prepare the crystal for use. The simplest method is to hold it in your left hand. In a short time the crystal will begin to pulse or vibrate in attunement with you. As soon as you feel this tingling or pulsing sensation, you can begin to use it. Always cleanse crystals in salt before activating them.

If difficulty in experienced in activating the crystal, tape the crystal to your left hand when you are sleeping during the 33 days merging period. Keep it in your pocket. At the end of the 33 days, your vibrations will be attuned with the crystal.

Charging your Crystal

To purify and recharge healing crystals, place them on a large cluster for at least 3 hours.

Crystals can be charged using magnets. Place the crystal on the south pole of a magnet. The higher the gauss field, the greater the charge. As you experiment with charging your crystals, you may note the tendency for your crystal to become more clear. Constant exposure to an electro-magnetic field seems to cause the moisture to disappear, and the wispy cloudiness in the crystal diminishes. The exact mechanics are not clear. Perhaps the energy causes a molecular expansion, releasing the hydrogen and oxygen in the water.


There are stones which work well on each of the energy bodies or levels. For the physical body, clear quartz, smoky quartz and green quartz are the most effective. Clear quartz is the overall body energizer. Smoky quartz is very good
for grounding you into your body, if you are having trouble paying attention to the world. Green quartz interacts with the endoctrine glands to keep the body balanced. Pink rose quartz and citrine quartz work on the emotional body. The natural citrine in the light orange to brown colors balances the body emotions in the lower regions, such as groin, splenic and solar plexus areas. The tumbled citrine in the golden colors stimulates the upper areas of the pineal and
pituitary glands. Rose quartz balances the love emotions.

Using the crystal for healing is its most spectacular and controversial aspect. Much of this is because most people think of healing as mysterious, unusual, mystical or miraculous. The ability to beneficially affect the health of people without the traditional methods of modern medicine is seen as anything but normal. Only recently, and with great reluctance, have chiropractic and massage had limited acceptance with the medical community. All of these techniques have been used for centuries. Only lately has their used gained limited acceptance with the traditional allopathic medicine. Much of the reluctance to accept new ideas has to do with the approach today's medicine has towards healing. Most doctors see patients only when their problems are severe, possibly life-threatening. The doctor's major concern is with the survival of the patient. He uses the most direct tools he has, surgery and drugs. By training, he looks upon the disease and ill health as a problem of repairing the physical body and hoping somehow, the body will rebuild itself. Unfortunately, surgery and drugs often have traumatic effects on that rebuilding process. At best, they both have serious drawbacks. The miracle is the ability of the human body to repair itself anyway. Modern medicine is late in accepting the fact of the total relationship of the mind, emotions and body. People are not just chunks of meat and bone. They are thinking, feeling beings who interact constantly with their physical bodies. They cannot be separated from those bodies.

Crystal healing deals not with the physical body, but the energy systems which create and support that body. By logic alone we can see that the physical body is the end result of energy. Take energy away and what happens to the body? It breaks down. We get energy in many ways. Food is only one. We get it from water, from air and from the earth itself. Food is actually the least important. We can  do without food for weeks, even months. We can live without water only a few days. And how long can you hold your breath? Little is known about the way your body, in sleep, converts the electromagnetic field of the earth into life energy the body can use. We do know we can't do without sleep. Deprived of it, we deteriorate mentally, emotionally and physically.

The total human is a series of energy systems interconnecting the mind, emotions and body. Crystals interact with these energy systems and in conjunction with the mind, create functional changes which will then manifest in the physical body.

Crystals have piezoelectric properties. They can amplify, transform, store and focus energy. The human body is electronic in nature and responds to the crystal. If you hold a crystal in your left hand, you will at least double the body energy field. Taking a picture of the fingers of the right hand using Kirlian photography will show this dramatic increase. Take a photograph of the right hand holding nothing. Put a crystal in your left hand and immediately take another photograph of the right hand. The second photo will show a dramatic increase in  the energy flowing from the finger tips. This ability to increase the energy field can be used for healing. You may be able to reduce pain in this simple way.

Hold your crystal in your left hand. Place your right hand over the pain area. If the pain is on the right side, place the left hand with the crystal on the area, then grasp the left arm with the right hand. Hold these positions for half an hour.

If you watch television, do this while you watch your favourite half-hour show. You should have significant to total pain reduction with only a half-hour of this treatment. Does it sound too simple to believe? It is simple!

The crystal amplifies energy. Energy flows in the left hand and out the right hand (reverse if left-handed). If you place your right hand over the pain area, you will decrease the pain by sending energy into that area. The nature of pain ensures that this will happen.

Pain is not punishment, no matter what your memories tell you. Pain is a signal by the cells to the brain that something is wrong, which requires the brain to send energy to the cells so they can correct the problem. When the brain sends the energy the automatic repair system, which is built into every cell, begins the repair process. It will remove the dead cells and replace them with new ones. When the system becomes automatic and the cells do not need additional energy, the pain signal will be shut off.

The process of healing, when viewed as energy, becomes simple. When something blocks the flow of energy to the cells, the organs begin to die and you are sick. When energy is brought back to the area, new cells will form, rebuild the organs and you become well. In its simplest form, that's all there is to know about healing.

All the techniques of modern medicine are for the purpose of getting energy to the cells so they can repair themselves. No doctor or healer can really heal anyone except himself. All anyone can do for someone else is get energy to the cells so they will repair and heal themselves.

With the techniques you just did, we use the amplifying ability of the quartz to give us this extra energy to the area calling for it. This way we can speed up the healing process and reduce pain naturally rather than rely on pain killers.

Pain killers can interfere with the healing process. They coat the nerve endings so the signal from the cells never gets to the brain. The brain feels no pain, but since it does not know the cells are in trouble, it does not send the energy needed and the condition of the cells worsens. This is one reason why painful diseases are often debilitating. They progressively get worse. Arthritis is a good example.

With the crystal we feed energy to the cells instead of blocking the pain signal. The cells can now repair themselves and then turn off the pain because that signal is no longer needed. This is the natural healing way.

One particular pain problem is dealt with differently. Most pain needs energy for repair, but with a headache there is too much energy in the head. Energy flows in and out of the head all the time through the crown and brow chakras. When something, usually emotional, blocks the exit of the energy, it builds up pressure (like pinching the end of a water hose). The excess pressure causes the cells to signal the brain with pain. In this case we want to remove excess energy, not put in more. Place the crystal in the right hand, point facing up. Put your left hand on the headache pain and the right hand over the solar plexus. Using the drawing ability of the left hand, amplified by the crystal in the  right, we will now transfer the excess energy from the head to the solar plexus, where it can be redistributed throughout the body.

For some who doubt the unique qualities of the crystal, consider the following:
1. The crystal transform energy in a radio.
2. No one doubts the energy found in uranium nor the radiating power. The type of radiating power can be detected on a geiger counter.
3. It is well known the effects of radiation on the body from refined uranium, and its uses in x-ray.
4. Ray lamps are commonly used for treating ailments etc. Crystals have energy and they radiate energy, its radiating power being beneficial to the body.

Amazing Quartz Crystals

Within Clear Quartz Crystals are usually found clouded areas or inclusions. Sometimes they resemble galaxies which indeed they are. These crystals show us that world exist within worlds, and that the creation is limitless and unfathomable. This realization immediately inspires an awe and respect for the infinite creative force which all forms of life humble themselves before.

Many quartz crystals have reached a completion of evolution and will not change much one they have been midwifed onto the surface of the planet. These crystals carry within them their own unique markings which relate their identity, stories, records and information. However, some quartz crystals carry clouds within them that can be cleared as the crystal evolves and grows beyond its limitations. These crystals after being used in crystal healings, meditations or continuously worn, can become perfectly clear and sometimes change beyond recognition. They will change as the person who is working with them clears their cloudiness of consciousness and transforms it into clarity. These crystals have parallel lessons and will reflect the changes as they occur within the crystal and the individual working with it. As crystals are worked with and attuned to, it will be possible to know what the inner markings of each crystal contains and what each individual crystal's potential and possibilities are.

There are many different ways that Clear Quartz manifests and can be worked with. This holds true for the entire quartz family. The following quartz summaries describe some of the unique and fascinating forms in which you may find quartz crystals revealing their nature.

Generator Crystals

Generator crystals are single quartz crystals that can be used to channel and ground pure healing energy. Six natural facets join sharply together to form the terminated apex. The crystal is supported by six sides and grounds the light force at the base. These crystals may be cloudy at the bottom and clear at the top, reflecting rainbows, displaying phantoms, with intricate inclusions, or completely clear. Each Single Generator Crystal is its own entity, each carrying its own story and its own experiences and lessons. Generator Crystals have great individual personalities and easily become good friends and associates in healing. Single Generator Crystals can teach us how to concentrate, focus and magnify our own healing energy. These crystals demonstrate with their example how to channel the radiant light force into our beings and onto our world.

Generator Crystals are an example of a physical structure that is pure enough to beam white light onto the physical plane. Generator Crystals are just that - generators of cosmic force. Their perfected distribution of this energy into the lives of the people working with them and receiving their healing energy. Generators also intensify and direct the healer's energy as it is channeled through the crystals. Generator Crystals are ideal to use in meditation.

Generator Crystals can be as small as 1/4 inch or as large as three feet. They can be carried with you or placed in the most obvious or sacred of places. They are power pieces and should always be used with respect and knowledge.

Clear Quartz Single Generator Crystals are the most common and clearly state with their presence the ability we all have to be clear, focused and directed in the expression of light. Single terminated Amethyst, Citrine or Smoky Quartz are also Generator Crystals, each channeling its own particular essence.

Generator Crystals are also in the process of evolution. As they are tuned into and worked with, it is very possible that they will become clearer, brighter and capable of carrying more light.

Crystal Clusters

Clusters are formations of single terminated crystals that share a common base. Clusters are many individual crystals who all live together in harmony and peace. They represent the evolved community, each member being individually perfect and unique yet sharing a common ground, a common truth, with all the others. In clusters, all units join together to reap the benefits of living, learning and sharing in an advanced society. The individual crystals reflect light back and forth to one another and all bathe in the combined radiance of the whole. The auric light that surrounds the quartz cluster is very bright and strong. These crystals can be placed in areas in which you want to create a stronger healing vibration or in places where you want to cleanse the atmosphere. For example, if an argument has taken place in a certain room, quartz clusters could be placed in that area to purify the environment of negative energies and feelings. Clusters can also be placed in between two people, in meditation, to gain greater harmony with one another.

To purify and recharge healing stones, crystals, or jewellery, place them upon large clusters for at least three hours. Pictures of friends or family can be placed upon, or next to, quartz clusters to direct a ray of positive energy towards loved ones throughout the day and night. Clusters can also be used directly over the chakra centers to dissolve any negative or unwanted influences. This enables one to connect with their own source of light and balance themself.

They may be hundreds of single terminated points in a quartz cluster, or there may only be two. Larger one usually find homes on desks, counter tops, window sills, bedstands, or any place where they can reflect their radiance. Clusters are wonderful gifts to homes where the occupants need to harmonize and cooperate.

Most popular and accessible are Clear Quartz clusters, but equally as beautiful are clusters of other members of the quartz family. Other minerals such as Flourite or Wulfinite also form exquisite cluster formations. If nothing else, clusters are an incredible work of beauty in nature and extrememly pleasurable for the senses, as well as the soul, to behold.

Double Terminated Crystals

When the six faces of quartz join together to form a point, a terminated crystal is borb. When both ends of a crystal join in this fashion, Double Terminated Crystals are created. These specialized crystals have the capacity to draw in as well as emanate out energy from either end of the crystal. By uniting the energies together in the central body of the crystal, a Double Terminated Crystal can then project that unified essence out from both ends. This blending of forces allows the Double Terminated Crystal to be used in special meditations and advanced telepathic practices.

These crystals are complete unto themselves. They have reached a terminated peak of perfection on both ends. Instead of growing out of a hard rock surface in which single terminations are formed, Double Terminated Crystals grow in the center of softer clay. They know no limits or boundaries and have grown to completion on each of their polar ends. Double Terminated Crystals teach us that it is possible to be balanced on our dual expression of spirit and matter. They symbolize integration of both worlds into one single form, and show us that all
polarities meet in the center. Double Terminated crystals exude a sense of personal unity and are ideal to use with people who are mentally or emotionally unbalanced. By simply holding a Double Terminated Crystal in each hand for even five minutes, it will calm and relax one into a state of greater mental and emotional stability.

When negative energy has been blocked into the tissues, organs or aura of the body, Double Terminated Crystals can be placed on top of or held above the affected areas. This will create an energy vortex that will clear and dissolve any stagnant of un-useful energy. Double Terminated Crystals can be used on the head centers to expand the consciousness and harmoniously blend the logical with the intuitive and the physical with the spiritual. They can also be held directly onto different areas of the brain to stimulate underdeveloped aspects of the personality or consciousness. This type of treatment may evolve into futuristic
crystal-laser brain surgery. Working with Double Terminated Crystals in
this way can break up stubborn mental blockages which create addictive behaviors and unhealthy attitudes. As these old programs are erased, it is then possible to consciously recreate a positive perspective on the world and on one's life.

Double terminated crystals are also wonderful to use on points under the eyes and on the face where stress lines appear. This type of new age face lift can reverse the aging process as it releases the stress that creates it and rejuvenated the sensitive tissues of the face.


Because of the calming mental effect, Amethyst is a stone that can be used for overworked, over-stressed, or overwhelmed mental states. It is one of the best stones to use for tension or migraine headaches as it eases the mental anxieties that tend to cause such conditions. Amethyst purple is comprises of hues of blue and red. The blue color brings peace to the red-action energy. It is therefore good for people who tend to be hot-headed and easily angered (red energies). It can be held, worn, or meditated upon when the temper rises to restore mental equilibrium. Amethyst is especially helpful for people suffering from recurrent
nightmares. Before retiring, hold an Amethyst crystal up to the forehead and program it to guide the mind safely through the sleep state. Then place it under the pillow during sleep by anyone wishing to inspire sweet dreams.
Single amethyst crystals or small clusters can be held in the left hand (termination towards the arm). This will relax the physical system and make one more vulnerable and sensitive to meditative experiences. Amethyst is very good friends with Rose Quartz. While the gentle purple of Amethyst calms the mind, the soft pink of Rose Quartz soothes the heart. These stones can be used together in Crystal healings, worn as jewellery, or meditated upon to bring about a peaceful balance of mental and emotional energies.

Fortunately, Amethyst crystals are abundant and easy to find. Because they are one of the most beautiful crystal forms, they are occasionally found in variety stores as well as most rock shops. They range in color from deep dark purple to almost clear white with only a purple hue. Generally speaking, the clearer and the darker, the more valuable and expensive. Dark gem quality amethysts are usually cut and faceted and rank in quality, beauty and price with other precious gems. These stones are best set in gold and worn as jewellery to display their beauty and to receive their special effects. Amethyst clusters, Single Generators and Geodes are wonderful and vital additions to a crystal healing collection. Small amethyst clusters are usually placed on the head area during crystal healings. Single Generator Crystals can be used to trace the meridians to balance subtle energy flows. Small single crystals can be set and worn with the termination pointing down to direct the flow of amethyst energy into the body.

~author unknown