Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Sit in a chair. It is important to have both feet on the ground. You may choose to be barefoot. Let your arms rest comfortably by you resides. Take several deep breaths. While letting your breathing becomes deeper and even, picture yourself standing with your feet apart hands by your sides with your fingers naturally open. Keep this picture in your mind as you continue.

Inhale ... Exhale ...

Allow your breathing to relax your body and clear your mind.

Picture a circle of energy near the base of your spine. This energy is strong. It connects you to the earth. This energy generates instinctive feelings of survival. It urges you to love and care for yourself.

Move up to the next circle of energy in your pelvic area - this is the center of your emotions. Your acceptance of pleasure springs from this energy source. Accepting the joy and contentment derived from physical pleasure will contribute to overall balance in life.

The energy of the third chakra is at the bottom of the rib cage. Your will flows from here. Your ability to manifest your will within the world is supported by this energy center. Accepting your strength and ability will ease your way through the world.

Your heart chakra energy is about love, and is located in the center of your chest. Your creativity will flow from here. The essence of your spirituality begins with this positive energy source. It is the source of active love that is in everything you do.

Your ability to love comes from here and includes your capacity for empathy, sympathy, forgiveness and allows the abundance of all life to be available to you. The positive essence is an overwhelming sense of fullness felt as love.

The throat chakra involves the energy of your own inner voice - guiding you to be open and honest with yourself an others. This is your voice of wisdom. When listened to this will lead you to take actions that will keep you balanced and true to yourself.

The next energy level near your forehead will guide you to awareness of your soul. Imagination is the magic of this chakra. Let yourself free your mind and as you accept the power and the awe of your own soul, so will you realize the soul within everyone and everything.

Finally to the top of your head, the energy flows out and above you. It is directly connected to your spiritual self and all spirituality in the world. With this chakra, flashes of enlightenment will occur -- moments of true understanding of the world and all it contains. All events and emotions are clear and during those moments, everything makes sense. This highest energy source is the essence of all life and existence. It is true magic and it is yours.

Envision your whole being fully energized through your having focused on the chakra points. The body connection to each energy source will guide you to heed its request
for attention through physical sensations - a headache, a stiff back, butterflies in your stomach.

Think ... what is going on in your life that may be blocking the positive energy flow - are you so busy with tasks that you must do that you have no time to be playful and enjoy the day? Are you so involved with the technical side of daily activities that you have no time for fantasy? Are you so busy taking care of everyone else's needs that you ignore your own needs and desires? Trust that these sensations mean something. Think about it ... Permit yourself to realize that as you notice these connections, you will naturally save yourself, your soul your spirit. You will be more vital in all that you do.
~ from Maat's Book of Shadows