Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Sometimes we want nonhuman company, but we may be wary about just picking the first animal that comes to us. To find a pet, first spend time thinking about what you want in a pet. Journal about what it would be like - how it would feel to touch, what its personality would be like.

Look through magazines and cut out words and images that describe your perfect animal companion. Cut them out and make a collage of your journaling, the images, and words.

Place the collage in the center of your sacred space. Cast a circle and center yourself. Breathe deeply and close your eyes.

Visualize your perfect pet living and interacting with you. Welcome it and see yourself going through an ordinary with its presence in your life. When you feel it is time, thank the animal for coming to you, and open the circle.

Place the collage in a place where you will see it daily. Every time you do, thank the animal for making its way to you.

Be open to the many ways it is possible for your pet to arrive. Talk to people about it, listen when others talk about the animals in their lives. You'll probably get the urge to visit an animal shelter, or ring up your veterinary friend, follow through on that urge.

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