Spiritual Laws


1. Witches know that no truths are absolute.  Indeed, the downfall of humanity relies on the belief that there is an absolute truth for everything.  There is no one absolute way to interpret reality, to behave, or to live.  Therefore, there is no single correct way to practice magick, pray, celebrate the seasons, or reach our peak of spirituality.  The idea that there is only one truth to any question leads to fanaticism, compulsion, and persecution. 


2. Witches understand that the universe consists of perfect balance; therefore, everything has an opposite (not necessarily equated to a negative). For example, male and female- the two complement each  other in balance, but one is not better than the other.  Easy opposites that come to mind are light and dark, right and left, up and down, forward and backward, et cetera. 


3.  Witches know that for every action there is a reaction.  Most of us see this as the law of karma.  Witches use the poem "Ever mind the   rule of three, what you manifest comes back to thee."  Therefore, if  you  create evil, then you will receive evil back.  If you create harmony, then you will experience harmony in kind. 


4. Witches know that we are all one.  We are all connected.  Everything you do influences yourself as well as someone else.  We are not as separated from humanity as we perceive ourselves to be; therefore, when we make decisions for one, we invariably make decisions  for others. 


5. The Witch understands that the ultimate act of spirituality is the act of positive creation through love.  Positive creations manifest harmony;   negative formulations create chaos.  As much as possible, we should attempt to concentrate our energies on positive creativity.  In essence,  all humans were born to create through love; this is our primary mission statement. 


6. Witches realize that the energy created through worship and ritual manifests as a circular stream of positive energy.  What we give to Spirit will return to us.  


7. A Witch should never close his or her mind to knowledge, because it is through the continuous process of learning that we raise our personal vibrations. 


8. A Witch uses the magick circle as a physical/non-physical representation of a church or temple on the earth plane.  Witches purify themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually before entering or casting a magick circle.  When you are in circle, you are in a holy place.  Arguments, hatred, or evil of any kind are not permitted within the  magick circle. 


9. Witches use the energies around them to assist in raising  power.  These energies manifest as the elements (earth, air, fire, and water) and Spirit.  Witches also raise their own energies to Spirit.  In this way, the Witch's body becomes a conduit for divine and earthly energies now  used to manifest their needs and desires.  Witches know that the greatest energy manifests as love. 


10.  Witches use common sense and do not share their mysteries with fools.  Good energy was never meant to be wasted on idiocy. 


11. Witches do not point out the identity of other Witches to the general public,  as discrimination still haunts many of our brothers and sisters.  If one Witch brings discrimination on the head of another Witch, then he  or she is directly responsible for the harm and will reap the karmic consequences.  It is also said that if a Witch knowingly breaks the Laws or Ordains, then he or she will not be permitted to incarnate on Earth again, and will instead be delegated to the mythical hell that the standard religions have created.  It is their thought form, after all.


Practical Laws

1.  NEVER practice a magickal application or system that you don't fully understand.  An adept practitioner is an informed practitioner.   This goes for the use of any magickal symbol as well.  If you don't know the full gamut of what it can invoke, then don't mess with it. 


2.  Do NOT set a price for magickal work.   To link money to magick influences the outcome of the working.   It is acceptable to ask for reimbursement of the supplies or set a fair fee for your time, as in tarot readings.  Along with this issue comes an addendum: do not accept money (any money for anything) that came to you through illegal means.  I believe today's term for that is "dirty money."  The psychic slime on this money goes deeper than a mere cleansing and consecration to exorcise.  It is better to not accept this money at all.  The same applies to any object.   If it came to you through illegal means, you don't want it. 


3.  NEVER use your magickal skills to show off.  Most likely, you will fall flat on your spiritual face.   Spirit has the proverbial habit of pulling the rug out from under you if you get "too big" for your magical britches.   What you will experience is a magickal carpet with the hiccups. 


4.  Magickal bindings MAY be foolish. Learn to BANISH negativity instead.  If you bind something, you will have to deal with it later, and you risk being bound yourself. There are times when binding  is called for, but should only be done by 3rd degrees. 


5.  KNOW that THOUGHTS ARE THINGS.  What you create in thought may manifest in reality. 


6.  NEVER lie to yourself.  That is the epitome of deceit. 


7. Injuries, accidents, sickness or poverty OFTEN manifest as a result of low self-esteem or bad programming, not mojo.  There ARE exceptions to this rule.  


8.  A Witch's power lies in direct relation to his or her level of wisdom.  Therefore, if someone is threatening you with magick,  know that they are without wisdom and an idiot, and their  power generally will come from your fear of them.   


9.  You should in no way use your personal power or honed abilities for malefic purposes; however, you may defend if attacked, and you may ask the Universe to formulate  justice in the manner most befitting the attack.  Indeed, it is your responsibility to defend yourself and others, not stick your head in the cauldron and hope the bad people go away. 


10.  Always do the best you can, which does not mean you must fulfill the role of Super Witch.  If you have done the best of your ability on anything, then you shouldn't worry about the outcome. 


11.  As long as you are acting in accordance with a positive belief system, don't worry about what others think of you, or what they may say.   Comments against you show poor self-esteem or fear of the owner of the comment.   Don't waste your time or energy on such a person. 


12.  Don't lend your Book of Shadows to anyone!  You may permit others to copy your information under your guidance, but NEVER let the book out of your hands,  because, pentacles to broomsticks, one of these days the book won't come back.  Someone's well-meaning relative might take it upon themselves to destroy your work. 


13. Property owned by Crafters should be guarded both mundanely AND spiritually by the Witch.   


14.  Do nothing that will endanger anyone in the Craft, or which will bring them into conflict with the law of the land.  In this regard, it is NEVER permissible in any dispute involving the Craft to invoke any laws other than Craft Laws, nor may any tribunals be held other than one consisting of High Priestess, High Priest, and all of the Elders.  


15.  Although magick can be considered a science, its use should be viewed as sacred.   Magick represents the greatest gift given to us by Spirit.  When first learning, one should work all magicks and ritual within the confines of a magickal circle, since the beginning student may not understand the nature of the forces with which they work.  The magick circle, since it represents the Witches Church, teaches students the necessary reverence and focus that will enable them to become an adept practitioner. 


16.  DO NOT SLEEP WITH YOUR STUDENTS!  If your student is your life partner or spouse, of course you are expected to do what comes naturally. 


17.  Witches may teach others about the Craft IF the place is safe; the teacher is knowledgeable; the student is willing; and the information taught is available publicly or is not secret to the organization to which he or she belongs; (a.k.a. JaguarMoon Coven.).  No one may charge for the teaching unless it is to cover such expenses as the cost for the room, books or other printed materials, refreshments, postage, travel;  and so forth. This law is considered a sticky one for some, not for others.  To promise initiation to someone if they pay an exorbitant fee - at the end of a six week course - borders on irresponsible teaching. If you initiate someone, then you have bought the responsibility of his or her Karma, at least in part. To train someone, take their money, initiate them, and then let them go could dip you into some pretty heavy karma.

Mundane Laws


We of JaguarMoon Coven choose to:


Live in a manner which honors the Lady and the Lord, following the Wiccan Rede


Explore and practice Wiccan beliefs and traditions.


Expand the body of knowledge available to us as Witches.


Support one another within the Coven in growth, healing and our aspirations.


Hold rituals, in order to celebrate the seasons, work magick, recognize rites of passage, and honor the Lady and the Lord.


Honor the Earth and all Her creatures as sacred, and work to heal and protect the environment within our community, throughout the nation, and across the world.


Teach Wiccan beliefs and traditional skills to members and students.


Educate the public, when appropriate. 


All members of this coven have fully committed themselves to these purposes in their beliefs, their activities, and their lives.  




Membership will be offered to all who are recommended by the High  Priest/ess and a consensus of the Coven.  No one will be denied membership on the basis of race, gender, ethnic background, sexual preference, financial situation, physical handicap, or age, provided they are over twenty-one. 


Participants in the programs sponsored by this coven may include the following:


Guests: Interested parties who may attend any open activities.


Class Members: Persons who consider themselves to be a Witch and participate in and support coven activities as part of their class training.


Coven members.  Membership in the Coven shall be limited to:


Dedicants: Persons who have dedicated themselves to study the path of Wicca and who, with the approval of all active members, are following the prescribed course of study in the Coven.  A Dedicant may be asked to express his/her intention to be initiated into the priesthood of the Coven or to withdraw. 


Initiates: (refers to First Degree and higher) persons who are active in the Craft and this Coven and have met all of the requirements set by the Council of Elders.


Second Degree: Persons who meet all of the above requirements and have met the second degree requirements set by the Council of Elders.


Third Degree: Persons who have met the above requirements, have met all of the third degree requirements set by the Council of Elders, and have been recommended by the High Priest/ess.



Membership Status:


Any person's membership or participation may be curtailed, suspended, or terminated for the following reasons:


lack of attendance


lack of participation


violation of the Wiccan Rede


violation of any of the Coven ByLaws





Rituals shall be normally held on the evening of the Esbat.


Sabbats shall be normally held on the evening of their actual dates.


Once scheduled, a date shall not be changed.  


Exceptions can be made, however, with the approval of the High Priestess.  




Privacy of Members


    A. The names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other information relating to individual members shall be considered confidential and may not be disclosed to non-members without permission of the individual involved.


    B. Disclosure of confidential information may, at the discretion of the Council, be considered a violation of the Wiccan Rede and ground for expulsion from membership.  




Revising the By-Laws


Any part of these by-laws may be amended by consensus of the Coven


By my hand,


Lady Maat
High Priestess
JaguarMoon Coven





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